Future project collaborations

Researchers at CrAFT and Agri-Food Thrust, along with the Food Science Technology programme at SASM, have ongoing projects with IBTE and wish to expand these activities with other researchers at IBTE.  Our contribution will be actively seeking various translational projects with Agri-Food Technologies, in line with the 2035 vision toward sustainable Brunei economy and Food Security.


  1. Quality control projects of paddy for determination of toxic trace elements, such as Arsenate (As)
  2. Monitoring of water quality for the best harvesting outcome in term of quality and variety.
  3. Optimisation by computer simulation of available resources of the LABI rice farm to increase the rice production in Brunei.
  4. Enhancing nutritional value of local rice flour and rice products.
  5. We want to improve paddy plantation productivity with SRI concept as a practise for sustainable rice farming.
  6. We have also initiated a project for developing alternative processed food from rice with a high-end value of different product lines.
  7. CrAFT has proposed to come up with an achievable strategy for improving rice commodity storage to reduce both food loss and mycotoxin accumulation especially in places where there are no ideal infrastructure or cool room available to regulate the storage environment of rice. In collaboration with Osaka University, we are to design a new eco-friendly packaging material that is specific to rice and taking into consideration the different factors involved (e.g. cost, migration, mechanical strength and environmental factors).