Industry Liaison Office (ILO)

> Industry Liaison Office (ILO)

The Industry Liaison office provides a connection for the university to link with industry to create opportunities for collaborations in several ways, such as collaborative research & development, student’s placement and internship, job opportunities for students, staff industry placement and to sustain professional development for both the university and industry.

Voon Nyuk Hiong
Director Industry Liaison Office | Senior Lecturer
B.Sc., M.Comm, PMP
Industry Liaison Office (ILO)

Dr. Ismawi Hj Md Yusof
Deputy Director Industry Liaison Office | Senior Lecturer
Industry Liaison Office (ILO)


Functions of the ILO

  • Identify and create opportunities for collaboration between the Insitute and industry in the areas of academic, student internship and employment and research.
  • Provide advice and guidance to faculty, researchers and students of the University seeking to establish collaboration with industries.
  • Establish connections for professional development for staff and students.
  • Establish industry links for the benefit of students, including internship and employment opportunity.