Module Registration Form

> Module Registration Form

We seek your kind cooperation to fill in your student details and complete your module registration at the beginning of each semester via our Student Management System, UTB My Portal.

The module registration is compulsory for all Undergraduate and Masters (by Coursework) students and must be completed before the deadline.

A memo will be sent out to all students via UTB e-Mail to inform students of the registration period before the beginning of the semester.




  1. Access My Portal via web browser (e.g. Google Chrome)


  1. Enter your login details as follows:

Username: Roll Number (e.g. B20001234)

Password: As set by student (existing students) or as given in e-Mail (new students)

  1. New students must change their default password immediately.
  2. Complete / update student information to the latest information (Refer guidelines).
  3. Ensure your programme details are correct.
  4. Register your module for the semester (Refer guidelines).
  5. Ensure the modules are all correct and are registered to the exact amount of Credit Value (CV) required for your programme this semester. You are advised to consult with your Faculty/School AR or Programme Lead if there's an uncertainty.
  6. The module listing is for the module assigned in your current semester only. For reassessment, special resit/reassessment, Non-Programme Module (NPM), credit transferred module, missing core and/or electives module are to be filled in a separate form in this link : here.
  7. Once registered, wait for verification from admin staff. Your modules will appear in the ‘All Modules’ Section.


Should you have any issues and queries regarding the system and module listing on the module registration, please refer to the module registration guide provided linked here.

If your issue persists, kindly fill in the enquiry form linked here


Thank you for your kind attention and co-operation. Welcome back and all the best for this new semester.

Module Registration Form