Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Programme Area


The undergraduate programmes in Petroleum and Chemical Engineering have been designed to provide qualified and skillful engineers for the ever-growing upstream and diversifying downstream industries in Brunei Darussalam. The programmes impart a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which will equip the graduates with the core technical skills, enhanced problem-solving skills, analytical and management skills required to become a successful engineer across a wide range of businesses and companies Our students will also benefit from our strong links with industries which provides the students with invaluable exposure into their prospective careers, awareness of ‘real-world’ problems they need to solve, and greater opportunities for employment.

the BEng in Chemical Engineering Programme includes a period of industrial placement between the third and fourth year; however, the work placement for the BEng in Petroleum Engineering programme is a full semester in the third year. These industrial placements aim to provide a platform for the students to gain valuable work experience under the guidance of an industry mentor, in which they will develop critical professional skills and experience which will greatly benefit their employability.