Civil Engineering Programme Area


Civil Engineering is the discipline involving the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment. The two undergraduate programmes in Civil Engineering (CE) and Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering (CESE) at UTB have been developed to address the increasing and evolving requirements for qualified civil engineers in Brunei Darussalam. Each programme contains elements of both theoretical and practical nature, and emphasises on producing quality graduates equipped with sound analytical, problem-solving and transferrable skills necessary to embark on a successful career in civil engineering and other related profession.

Both the CE and CESE programmes are currently accredited by the Joint Board of Moderators that represent relevant professional institutions under the UK Engineering Council.

The programmes aim to produce graduates who are equipped with intellectual, practical and managerial skills to develop civil engineering infrastructure and structures, with core technical competencies spanning structures, geotechnics, transport, water and environmental engineering. Together with an appreciation of the importance of sustainability, personal and professional development, teamwork and communication, the graduates are thus ready for professional roles in the construction industry, while having the versatility to work in other fields. The industrial placement between the third and fourth years provides valuable exposure of the industry and professional working practices to students, enhancing their personal and professional development.

The CE programme covers all aspects of the discipline with approximately equal weight, while the CESE programme has an enhanced focus on structural engineering in the final year. Applicants are advised to only apply to one of the two programmes because although the entry requirements for the CESE programme are higher than that of the CE programme, the curricula for the first three years for both programmes are the same and the student is only assigned to the programme they will graduate with at the end of Year 3. By this stage, the student needs to obtain an average weighted score of at least 65% to continue with or to switch to the CESE programme in Year 4, else they will be moved to the CE programme.