On the 3rd of September 2013, UTB has seen another milestone of its achievement with the opening of the New Library Building at Phase 3, UTB. The library measures an area of 3850 sq. metres. It is situated at the crossing of all the central services with an "under one roof" concept. It is under one complex to three main lecture halls so students can use the library and easily wait for their next lecture. The library space itself consists of a multi-story facility that extends from the ground floor up to the third floor of the building. At level one is accommodated a cafeteria which is now essential for students’ daily lifestyle at a university. The library is also adjacent to the Student Centre, another focal point for students’ activities.

The importance of having sufficient space with a conducive working environment is essential to any type of library. This is especially crucial to an academic library where the focus is geared towards supporting the learning process of the students. So, the students now enjoy a new learning environment that is more welcoming with plenty of learning spaces.