Mental Health Awareness Week

Assalamua'laikum and good morning!

Dear All UTB staff and students 💚

The Counselling Unit of UTB will be having a Mental Health Awareness Week from 17th October 2022 - 20th October 2022, and 22nd October 2022. Variety of activities , games, food vendors, photobooth, mini exhibition, Care packages and even Best Eastern will be there to liven up the event ✨✨

In addition, we are also pleased to invite you to join any of the talk and workshop as below:

Mental Health Amongst Staff and Students in University by Yang Mulia Mejar Rusli (Rtd) bin Bujang, Empowerior Counseling and Consultancy.
Date : Tuesday, 18th October 2022
Time : 9AM - 11AM
Venue : Lecture Theater 2, UTB



Kesihatan Mental dari Perspektif Al-Quran dan Al-Sunnah by Yang Mulia Dr Hj Shahrol Azmi bin Hj Abdul Muluk, Dean of Student Affairs, KUPU SB.
Date : Tuesday, 18th October 2022
Time : 2:30PM
Venue : Lecture Theater 4, UTB



Self-care for Mental Wellness by Counselling Officers from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam.
Date : Thursday, 20th October 2022
Time : 2:30PM
Venue : Lecture Theater 2, UTB



Workshop on Self - Exploration : Art Therapy by Cikgu Hajah Suzilawati Hj Md Saji , Counsellor from Ministry of Education.
Date : Saturday, 22nd October 2022
Time : 9AM - 11AM (First Session) or 2:00PM - 4:00PM (Second Session)
Venue : Concourse, UTB.



It is hoped that this talk will support staff and students in gaining an understanding of issues which can affect their mental health and wellbeing. You may also learn how to express your emotions through the art therapy workshop 💚

Do not miss this opportunity and join us now by registering all your details at

It will be to our delight to see your love and support by wearing GREEN throughout the week 👒. Can't wait to see you there! 💚💚

For Students :
🖊️ Your SAP will also be signed.

For more inquiries, please contact 📞
Ms Dk Raden ( +6738846946)
Ms Nurasyiqin (+6737213534)

Thank you 💚