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The Alumni Affairs Unit’s primary role is to facilitate the relationship between the University and its alumni, such as through the Alumni Association. The Unit is to facilitate the continued interaction of alumni with the university in the interest of sustaining the university’s ability to develop and maintain a commitment to excellence.

Terms of Reference

  • To build and maintain communication channels and strengthen the link and relationship between the graduates and the university;
  • To benefit from their experiences in the development of the university and its educational and research programmes;
  • The unit is a link between the graduates and the university, and a career reference for development and all future professional counselling
  • To inform graduates on all university news and updates and provides them with the university’s activities such as conferences, symposia and workshops;
  • To encourage graduates on giving back to the university in the form of donation (monetary) or in kinds; and
  • To liaise with President of UTB’s Alumni Association on matters pertaining to alumni affairs.

Alumni Affairs Officer

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